Friday, January 16, 2015

The Gunnar Challenge

Have you ever heard of the Gunnar Challenge? It's an 8 week challenge and I will be participating. 

I desperately need some sort of incentive and push right now. I hope this is it.

I was able to look over the site and tools earlier this week and I think I will like it. But I won't know everything until the challenge starts on Monday. But there is a meal plan and exercise plan. And lots of support.

This is a celebrity trainer with some high profile clients (the Kardashians!!!!). I mean, he has to be good, right????

I need a kick start. I need to get back to where I was before the holidays. I'm ready. 


C said...

You're always "ready" with "no excuses". Now it's time to take action. This might be just what you need.

Winner at a Losing Game said...

It is great to see your progress. I have not read your blog for some time and you look fabulous! Great job staying motivated and continuing to work hard toward your goals.

Mirror Watching - GinaB said...

Good Luck! I love a good challenge. It helps to keep things interesting.