Friday, June 2, 2017

Perfect Ketones

Last week I started using a new brand of exogenous ketones. The kind I tried before were ok... just SO expensive and tasted awful. I'd been hearing about Perfect Keto on Instagram so I decided to give it a go. It was much less expensive than the MLM brand I tried, but I did my research and found the comparison between the two products seem to lean toward Perfect Keto being better brand overall. So I tried it. And I love it. Like, it's SO much better than I expected. Tastes better, better energy, no stomach upset.

Today I want to make sure you try Perfect Keto. For this week only, Perfect Keto is offering my readers an exclusive 20% off their exogenous ketones with the code Hollie20.
What’s the big deal here?
Many of you know that when we go “low-carb” and cutting out all the garbage processed carbs, that also means we need to add something to our diet.
Today I want to share with you something you absolutely need to add in your diet if you are cutting carbs: Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones.
We all know that carbohydrates provide energy. So it makes sense that when we “go low-carb” we also experience low energy. When we are eating low carb, the body switches to another source of energy: ketones.
So think of these as your trusty low-carb energy packs and use them anytime you need some energy! I find using this product is especially helpful when you are first starting keto, or trying to intermittent fast.
And here’s the kicker: it’s 100% completely real ingredients. No fake stuff. It’s doctor-developed, and doesn’t contain any soy, dairy, gluten, or artificial sweeteners.
It’s not just me either. Athletes and scientists and everyone in between are using ketones for a reason: they make you feel great. Last weekend, even Leanne Vogel put her stamp of approval on this product, which really impressed me. If you haven't check out her website (Healthful Pursuit) or her new book, The Keto Diet, I highly recommend you do!
I reached out to my friends at Perfect Keto and Dr. Anthony Gustin generously obliged by letting my readers try out his new product for 20% off. Perfect Keto is in extremely high-demand and I anticipate this will be the only time Dr. G extends a discount like this for the foreseeable future.
This is my secret weapon for my morning coffee and anytime I’m on-the-go. I even took some with me to Universal Orlando this week to keep me going! Take advantage of this offer and try Perfect Keto today.

P.S. The link to claim your offer can be found HERE. On top of all this, they’ve agreed to personally refund 100% of the price if you don’t love it. This is your chance to see what ketones do for you, completely risk-free.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using this link. It doesn't cost you a thing, but I appreciate you helping me generate additional income (no matter how small) for me and my family. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions about this product are my own. I have not received free product, and gladly spent my own money to purchase this product before recommending it to you.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Summer Slimdown Challenge starts June 5!

I just announced this on IG, but wanted to provide some additional details here!

I've been working on this for a few weeks now! June 5 is the beginning of my summer break from school, and I REALLY want to make it count! So since I love a good challenge group, I decided to make one up specifically for my tribe! This challenge is for my fellow keto, paleo and/or primal people because the main goal is to EAT REAL FOOD! Processed food, and especially sugar, should be avoided. But this challenge will focus on progress, not perfection. Don't feel like anyone is going to be the food police if you still use artificial sweeteners or something not considered "clean".

There IS a $25 entry fee, but that's how I will be able to provide CASH prizes. And I just think that people take challenges seriously if their own money is on the line! There will also be other weekly prizes thanks to some generous sponsors!

I emailed (begged) so many companies so that we could have as many incentives as possible! Yes, a lot of these are keto/paleo approved "treats", but like I said, I don't expect perfection. This challenge is 8 weeks long, so if you do have a treat, pick the best choice possible.

I really want this challenge to be a learning experience for anyone who wants to clean their diet up and really don't know where to start. I will be trying to provide as much science and research as I can on lower carb, higher fat eating. I truly think it's one of THE most healthy food lifestyles there is.

Our challenge group will use the GroupMe app. That's how we will communicate and support each other.

At the end of the challenge we will have TWO grand prize winners. One will be for the person who loses the highest percentage of weight. The other will be for the person with the highest points total based on a weekly tracking system. This spreadsheet will give points based on healthy habits like drinking water, exercise, tracking, and staying true to your food template (no cheats).

I'll post more information over the next couple of weeks, but I'm so excited to do this!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Is anyone still here?

I know I don't blog much over on this page since starting a couple of years ago, but every now and again I look at analytics and see that I still get a lot of page views here.

Is anyone still around? Does anyone still read blogs? If so, what do you want to read about?

Just wondering. I miss this community. Back in 2008 when I first got this party started, I made so many friends.

Now I feel like it's all replaced with social media. It's so fast to post a pic and a caption.

But writing is still fun.

Leave a comment if you're still around!


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ruth's House

Last night on the way home after a delicious Sushi dinner. Clyde and I were discussing our non-profit. We haven’t really shared a lot about it because since being founded in November, we got stuck with developing a business plan and found grant writing and fund raising to be a little overwhelming (to say the least). And then there’s life… busy jobs, busy kids. Plenty of excuses.

But a few weeks ago, Clyde separated from his job and we found that it was a perfect time for both of us to actually utilize his time off to work on our non-profit, Transforming Jax. Transforming Jax is an idea that I conceived on the commute to work one day last summer. My vision is that it can be way to help teach and inform people in the Jacksonville area about nutrition and dietary management of illness. We would also provide opportunities for fitness, of course. I want to address childhood obesity. I’d love to extend education and hands on help with children who are suffering from obesity.

So, that’s how our non-profit was born. From an idea. A passion for helping others that are in the same struggle I’m in. Only I feel like I’ve found an answer. Nutrition. Not the food pyramid bullshit that has got our country fat, sick, and nearly dead. Real nutrition. Real food.

Let’s face it. Sugar and refined, processed food is killing us. If it has a label, we probably shouldn’t be eating it. But this is knowledge that I’ve just really learned over the past few years. I used to think that dieting involved a 100-calorie pack or something that said “diet” or “low-fat” on the package. Lies, all lies. And the more I’ve researched, the more I’ve learned. Most of our diet dogma is based on old, outdated, inaccurate science. Food manufacturers and government hand-greasing dictated most of what our generation knows about food.

And it’s making us sick. Type 2 diabetes is out of control. Heart disease and other chronic illnesses are now also being contributed to poor diet. But doctors are still pushing pills. And nutritionists (using the outdated, manipulated science) are telling people that calories in/calories out is the way, and if they can’t do the SAD (Standard American Diet) way, they need more willpower. Or hell, sometimes it means another (diet) pill.

I’ve been on a diet since 2nd grade. I’ve tried everything except for weight loss surgery, and if my insurance covered it, I would have tried that, too. I’ve starved, I’ve lowered calories to just over 1000 a day. I’ve raised calories. I’ve ate 5–6 meals a day, I’ve went on green smoothie and juice cleanses. They all work for a time, and then they don’t. And I gain all the weight back and then I start over with something else. And I watched my mom do the same thing.

Which is where Clyde and my conversation went yesterday on our way home after dinner.
What would my mom’s outcome have been if she had been able to heal herself through diet?
It breaks my heart that she suffered through Type 2 diabetes for most of my life. Including wound care and hospital stays for complications. She also suffered from Alzheimer’s, also being called Type 3 diabetes. And even if you don’t believe it is (which I do), studies have shown that sugar and lack of dietary fat contribute to it.

What if I could have showed her the way? What if I could have saved her years of doctors visits and taking 10–15 different pills daily? What if I could have saved her from suffering before she died from sepsis, because of a bedsore that wouldn’t heal due to the diabetes?

“Let’s make it a goal to have a community center. Call it Ruth’s House.”

Yes. Because my mom's house was known in our neighborhood for being a refuge. And a community center could be the perfect venue to offer the services I envision this non-profit to provide. The ideas started flooding in.

Ruth’s House would ideally be positioned in a low socio-economic area that doesn’t have access to this type of services. This community-type center would provide:

  • fitness equipment
  • group fitness classes
  • nutrition support/education
  • healthy cooking classes
  • a fit camp for overweight kids
  • dietary management for type 2 diabetes
  • a community garden
  • weight loss support meetings
  • a weekly food distribution with HEALTHY food (no processed food or sugary snacks… whole, real food only)

Services would ideally be free. I think this idea could be life changing. You do NOT have to be sick and overweight. There IS another way. It’s time to stop the generational curse of obesity and related illnesses. 

I believe I’ve stopped the cycle in my family. I’m not perfect. I’m still working on myself and my family. But once you know better, you can’t go back. And I’ll keep fighting for my health every single day. One day soon I hope I’ll be able to inspire others to do the same. I want to to set a nutritional example and show everyone that I know that food can be medicine. And honoring my mom would do my grieving heart some good.